Friday, April 29, 2011

What I Read This Week That Is Actually Worth Mentioning

Very regularly, I'm asked 'what are you reading'? This is perfectly normal question, since I do work in the book business. Often, I read things before I put them out on the shelves or even catalog them because, well, they just look good. This is the case with Mistress of Rome.

About six months ago, Logan and I began watching the Starz series Spartacus (both season one and the prequel). It focuses on the Gladiator Spartacus, his Lanista, the Roman slaves, etc. and Is REALLY good. I also need to mention that there is A LOT of nudity and swearing, but both are story driven and not just there to bolster ratings. Since we're waiting for season two of Blood & Sand, I haven't had a lot of 'Rome' in my life lately.

Enter Mistress of Rome. This is book one in a series by Kate Quinn (a self proclaimed Roman/Latin geek) and this goes a long way as she really worked hard to ensure that she was as historically accurate as possible. I found it to be very well written (and minus all the extreme language found in the t.v. series we've been watching...), the characters well developed, and it really satisfied my need for drama, blood and gore. There were parts that I became all misty-eyed and I read most of this book in one sitting (I finished up at 2:25 am...), and while it made for a long day the next day, this book was completely worth it. And of course, I am looking forward to book two in this series entitled Daughters of Rome.
Have a GREAT WEEKEND! Sunny and 78 is the prediction for tomorrow, so I'll be out and about!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A poo story.

Imagine me, sitting in the back office, dutifully doing Library work and having a staff member come back and tell me that the mens restroom is clogged. Again. With PAPER TOWELS and other unmentionables. Again. Now imagine me shaking my fist and silently asking in my head 'WHY?!...In what universe is leaving your poo on the wall IN A PUBLIC PLACE socially acceptable?' I understand that there are individuals in the world who cannot control the urge to write on walls with excrement. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this probably isn't the case. Thankfully, this mess wasn't the worst we've ever seen. Sadly, it won't be the last.

The Facebook conundrum...

About two years ago....I discovered Facebook. And then promptly stopped blogging here. All my pictures and all my silly observations went to facebook. I'm here to say that I'm taking a 'personal' facebook break. I'll still be on, but I'm not going to post pics of the kids, etc. I've gotten to the point where I have more business contacts and acquaintances than friends...and while I like all my peoples (HA- this is my sad attempt to sound cool), there are things that I no longer post that my close friends and family miss. So please, come here and find out what's going on in our little rural corner of the world.