Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lemonade Stand

As witnessed by many a Marshall residents, the Annual Lemonade Stand Contest was a couple of weeks ago at one of the last band concerts of the year.
Of course, we had to participate ;).
Logan went to Lowe's and worked for three nights with Ahnna on a stand that would be light-weight enough for myself and my mom to set up on our own, and would still be functional.
We came up with a 'Thomas the Tank Engine' theme.
And I will say, Logan did a great job!

Ahnna and Harrison were probably their own 'best' customers....

Here is Ahnna playing on the 'track'.
I call this the 'Abbey Road' picture...

One of the contest rules was that contestants had to make their own signs....

As requested 'blue' lemonade. We used blueberry jello and lemonade mix. YUM!

More sign. It's just cute.

Blurry Ahnna by the sign....

And the only picture that I could get of Harrison that really came out. He ran around all night long and fell asleep before the end of the evening (and yes, he's wearing a Christmas T-shirt. It was clean, don't judge-lol). All in all, we were there for FIVE hours including set up, serving, tear down, and awards.
But it was worth it :)

Friday, August 19, 2011


See! I told you it wouldn't take long until we added another four legged creature!
This is Otis.
He is a One year old Italian Greyhound.
We adopted him from a young couple who just 'wanted to find him a good home because they signed a new lease agreement and can't have pets'. Logan and I took pity on them because once upon a time, we were that young couple who got a puppy without thinking it through.
That puppy was the loveable terror that was Dr. Bombay.
And yes, we definitely had moments where we thought about getting rid of him.
But we're a little older now, and a little wiser, and a LOT more patient.
We're still learning his little quirks (such as he doesn't tell you when he needs to potty....).
And he hates the kennel with a fiery passion (we're working on a solution for that....he broke the door off of the big kennel today).
But I think we're just going to have to keep him.

First Day Of School

Our Oldest started school yesterday.
As you can see, it was a bright and shiny day and she was full of excitement.

She still hasn't quite gotten the hang of 'real' smiling for pictures, but that's okay....Mama tends to still do cheesy grins too....

Logan walked her to school. He was both excited for her and I like that they had a few minutes to talk before she entered what seems to me is 'the big world'.
(And yes, she picked out the Batman backpack all by herself.)

Many of you know that we've talked about homeschooling a couple of times. Today was one of those days that I was rethinking the decision to not push for it so hard. I want our Ahnna to have a good academic experience, but I worry. Kids can be cruel. And then I remember that kids can also be awfully darn nice. We live in the small town that I grew up in and those awfully darn nice kids are now grown ups, and many still live here too (and have children Ahnna's age...).
I like that Ahnna is going to the same elementary that I went to.
I like Ahnna's teachers.
Deep breaths...she's going to be fine....
and so am I (and daddy...).