Friday, May 6, 2011

Scrimmage Time!

As many of you know, I 'do' Roller Derby. Some might find this surprising for about five seconds, then laugh and say 'of COURSE you do roller derby'.

Full disclosure here: I'm not very good. I fall down a lot, I have poor balance, and quite honestly at the last scrimmage it became painfully obvious that I'm that girl that the other team knows they can either knock down or trap in a diamond (we call it a 'goat' in derby...). I've also taken up a horrible habit of 'lowblocking'. This means I am tripping/falling in the way of an opposing team member (it's ALWAYS an accident, but still, it's not 'legal').

But despite all this, I pop back up every time I fall. I can now skate backwards. (This is HUGE because I couldn't even MOVE backwards until recently.) I recognize as soon as I've done something wrong and try my hardest NOT to do it again. And I have a ridiculous smile on my face every time I leave practice. I love it.

This weekend is our first bout. I'm ridiculously nervous/excited/ready.
Wish us LUCK!
Hugs and Derby Love!

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