Friday, September 2, 2011

20 Weeks

Oh, belly shots...

So fun to try and take a tasteful picture of my ever-growing (and now definite) baby-bulge.  We have our Anatomy Scan scheduled for Tuesday, so we (hopefully) get to find out if we're team pink or team blue.  Of course, I get to torture poor Logan with the girl-name-game.  Grunts & 'no-ways' will no longer be acceptable answers...he's now going to be expected to play. 
I will say that he might luck-out if we get a definite 'meat and potato' shot.  Harrison left nothing to the imagination and we're pretty much in agreement on a boy name this time. 

We've been seeing a homebirth midwife this time around, so we're getting into nitty-gritty questions like 'what kind of birth pool do we want'  and 'where are we going to keep/what are we going to do with the placenta'? 

Logan is still kind of in shock that the midwife doesn't take it with her... 

I'm hoping that I'll actually want to do a water birth, but the biggest thing I learned in my last birth was that I may change my mind while in transition and everything I thought would be nice and comfy wasn't.  
But I also wasn't 'allowed' access to either a shower or tub last time...

Most everyone we've mentioned our preferred birthing method to this time around has been supportive, 
and I don't know if we've just become those friends/family that do things a little offbeat or not, but we really appreciate the support and open-mindedness of those we've told so far.
We're truly hoping and planning for a smooth, uneventful birth 
but we are also preparing a back up plan should it be necessary.

If you had told me while I was pregnant with my first that I would be SO excited to give birth, I would have thought you were nuts.  I look back now on my first pregnancy and I was so scared of labor and delivery that I pretty much ignored that it was going to happen until I was actually in labor.  It was a medicated birth, helped lead me to my second and very empowering birth, and I'm curious how this birth will continue to change my perception of this process.
Until next time...

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