Thursday, September 15, 2011

This week....

 Look! A picture where BOTH children are looking in my general direction!

The thing I like about this picture is that you can see the carbon copies we've created of each other.  On the left, pure Alissa....on the right, pure Logan.
I'm super curious about #3.  Maybe we'll mix it up this time?

There hasn't been a whole lot going on this week...
Lots of meetings and late nights.
(Derby & Library)

I had a birthday (33!).

And we're going to investigate signing up Ahnna for Girl Scouts this evening. 
 She came home with the flyer and very dramatically announced 'Mommy, I HAVE to be a Girl Scout'.
So we'll go check it out.

I also took the next picture last weekend to send to Aunt Sissy.  
I sometimes read a blog and everything is all shiny and perfect in the blogger's home....

For those curious, I was preparing the 'famous' and ever popular Spaghetti Casserole.
We have to keep the trash can on the counter because Otis won't leave it alone.
Harrison eats 24/7 and is investigating cereal because I starve him & not five seconds before taking this picture had told him 'no' on yogurt- apparently the cereal was handy,
and Ahnna is 'helping' me with the Green Pepper (otherwise known as playing with it...).
Yes, I still have Christmas Ornaments up from last year in the windows. 
 It seems rather silly to take them down now.

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