Monday, September 26, 2011

Sensible Shoes

 It's finally happened.  I now have to wear 'sensible shoes'.  Gone are the days when I could run into Shoe Carnival (or Macy's or...well...any regular shoe store), pick up a sale pair of shoes and be on my merry way.  No, my feet have officially evolved into what I loving refer to as 'duck feet'.
Thank you multiple pregnancies.  
To be fair, this is also genetic.  I have the EXACT same feet as my 85 year old grandmother.  Fortunately, there are more options than SAS shoes.  I get to shop for goodies like Keen's and Kalso Earth Shoes. I have not yet found a shoe company that makes an attractive AND comfortable heeled shoe.  As soon as I find them, I will let you know.  Trust me.
This also means I will have limited shoes for about 5 years or so as these types of shoes NEVER go on sale...and in my 30's I've discovered that I have a hard time parting with large sums of money (this would have been handier when I was younger...).

In other cuteness news, we went to feed the Saint Mary of the Woods Alpacas this weekend.  The kids get a real kick out of this, and admittedly, so do I.

The alpacas were kind of showy this time.  One in particular was spitting.  I didn't get a picture, but Harrison thought that was pretty funny.

The Fiberist in me would love to have my own alpacas. 
 The realist in me says 'maybe we should try chickens first...'

These ladies are just so sweet!


  1. Naturalizer has some ok, almost nice looking dress shoes. Or, what i would call "lesbian gym teacher shoes". I have 2 pair now. I AM the lesbian gym teacher. It's not sexy, but I am also not in pain!

  2. I can't wear Naturalizer :( They don't make their shoes wide enough...