Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birds and Bees

Ahnna knows where babies come from...kind of. 
Here's the scoop.  
It all started when we acquired Otis.  The first week he came to live with us, we had him neutered.  Somewhere in conversation Ahnna picked up the phrase 'we cut Otis's balls off'.  And she repeated it, sometimes to random strangers, sometimes just to either Logan or myself...but she repeated it almost daily. 
 Now, Otis likes to lay in a sunny spot on our upper landing and often, Ahnna and I will sit and rub his belly together.  About two weeks ago, we're sitting there giving Otis his rubdown when Ahnna tells me that Otis has his balls cut off.  I (having heard this before...) say 'yes, Otis no longer has balls'.  
Then after a minute Ahnna asks me 'why did we do that?'  

Here is the rest of that conversation...

Me:  Well, we didn't want Otis to make puppies.

Ahnna:  Boys don't have puppies! (giggling)

Me:  No they don't, but they help make puppies...

Ahnna:  How do they make puppies?

Me:  Well...boy doggies make sperm in their balls and they put it in the girl doggies and they make puppies.

Ahnna sits for a minute...
and then crinkles up her nose and gets all serious and says:
Daddy did that to you....didn't he?

Me:  Umm....Yes.  Yes he did.

Ahnna:  Oh.

She didn't ask any further and I didn't offer more...but after the initial panic of potentially explaining exactly how daddy 'did that to me',
 I've been giggling about this since.  
I hope you did too.